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Alarm if building is not detected

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I have a suggestion , maybe it will be useful, add alarm option if bot is unable to locate a building and pop up the selection window like the TH or CC one , even if it was selected before


this may help if anyone changed his layout and forgot to locate buildings to relocate them , also will help cause people may choose the location and when bot tries to tap it , it fails to locate buildings.


it's a minor thing I guess as the most are supposed to stop the bot and relocate the building, but sometimes it happen that I locate the building and then bot fails to tap it and due to my work I check the bot rarely to find it has stopped due to such thing


I appreciate what devs are doing and wish I could do that option myself to avoid such request 

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 One minor challenge:   Bot does not constantly look for buildings?


It assumes you have previously located them once; and uses that location forever.

If you change your base layout, as long as TH level has not changed; the bot still farms loot; which is primary purpose.

They only thing bork'd by using different layout is upgrades?


IME - Image detection is not FREE.  Adding image detection for main base building locations adds 3-10 seconds trying to match your building level against a stack of images for each level; times the number of buildings.   Most users would not want the bot to waste an extra 1-2 minutes every time it cycles, just for verifying your building locations?


Second challenge is image detection is not perfect.  Hero walking in front of building, or another tall building; can ruin detection and then bot will ask user to find it manually.  What happens when user is not watching bot? 

Bot wastes another minute hoping user clicks a button. 


IMHO - If fully automated building detection was accurate and possible without significant time penalty, pretty sure the developers would have already released it.  Primary reason being all newbie posts asking why GUI is still locked to lower TH after TH upgrade, or why upgrades randomly disappear; after new base layout is used.  😲



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