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telegram fonts is mistaken Garbled in chinese language

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telegram get the message is Garbled 


my settings is error , or there is a bug?  please fix it , thx


how can i upload a picture?



Global Const $TELEGRAM_URL = "https://tgproxy-m.herokuapp.com/bot"

Func __WinHttpURLEncode($sData)
	Local $aData = StringToASCIIArray($sData, Default, Default, 2)
	Local $sOut
	For $i = 0 To UBound($aData) - 1
		Switch $aData[$i]
			Case 45, 46, 48 To 57, 65 To 90, 95, 97 To 122, 126
				$sOut &= Chr($aData[$i])
			Case 32
				$sOut &= "+"
			Case Else
				$sOut &= "%" & Hex($aData[$i], 2)
	Return $sOut
EndFunc   ;==>__WinHttpURLEncode

Func GetTranslatedToURLEncode($iSection = -1, $iKey = -1, $sText = "", $var1 = Default, $var2 = Default, $var3 = Default)
	Local $sOut = GetTranslatedFileIni($iSection, $iKey, $sText, $var1, $var2, $var3)
	$sOut = __WinHttpURLEncode($sOut)
	Return $sOut
EndFunc   ;==>GetTranslatedToURL

Local $sCorrectStdOut = BinaryToString($SdtOut, 4) ; from http utf8 to local



well, I know the reason : url need encode the char that beyond ascii, and fix it, code port up.


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