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Problem with bot or bluestacks?

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I have a problem with bluestacks or mybot I don't know what's going on. 2 days ago I saw the engine folder take too much space so yesterday I decide to reinstall bluestacks on other disk to free space on disk C and here begins the problem. So when I install bluestacks from file which I have kept from latest installation so do not look for it next time just like this 


and open mybot and want to keep my village active cause my shield is over mybot can't start the game


After this when I stop the bot, close bluestack after resizing and reopen it again and want to lunch coc, game don't start too. It's flashing black screen with SC logo and it's back to desktop of emulator and need to redownload coc to make it work.


So what's happend here? Before I don't know which version bluestack I got but I remember I have possibility to update it but i don't do that, cause mybot no support it but now after installation it's says it's up to date version ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that version is Which version of bluestack 4 is supported with mybot?


I would appreciate any help to get back to using coc on pc with mybot

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1) List of supported emulators can be found in Android Status & Information.txt file with every bot download.

(inside the MyBot.run\COCBot\functions\Android folder)


2) BS is famous for releasing beta emulator versions with memory leaks, or game compatibility issues.  The others are marginally better about memory leaks in beta releases, but it still happens.

Suggest to never use any of the latest version emulators with MBR. 


3) If you reinstall or upgrade versions with any emulator software; you must delete existing MBR profiles and shared preferences saved in %APPDATA%\MyBot.Run folder.  Each emulator creates a new internal UID, and new security keys. The old versions save by previous runs of MBR become invalid.


4) There is an entire forum area dedicated to emulator discussions.  Please use it.

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