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YouTuber was banned for having an "offensive base"

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Offensive base is usually a 2 day ban.

The 31 day ban is for suspicious activity' date=' i.e using a bot or xmod/imod or getting gems illegally.


how to get gems?

you pay, otherwise you get banned for obtaining it illegally. Like exploits in cellular networks paying method. I don't know how they actually did it, but they got perma banned :P

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Yes' date=' you can get a 24 hour ban if your base is reported as being offensive or if your clan description has offensive material. Like the others said though, this has nothing to do with the bot.

My war clan actually uses this sometimes to give us an edge in a clan war. If the other clan has offensive Prep-day bases we get them ban for 24hr so they can't attack in war. xD



lol does sc even take action that quickly?

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