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How do i run 10 bots simultaneously? Can my PC run it? I'm currently doing 5.

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SuperCell ID allows up to 8 (as I'm aware i could be wrong) per instance. Running 10 would be really hard on your PC and the downtime between training troops makes that pointless too. As @RoKSeus try less instances. I personally would use 2 instances with 5 accounts on each.

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hace 54 minutos, Seppuku dijo:

SuperCell ID allows up to 8 (as I'm aware i could be wrong) per instance. Running 10 would be really hard on your PC and the downtime between training troops makes that pointless too. As @RoKSeus try less instances. I personally would use 2 instances with 5 accounts on each.

Who uses Supercell ID today? Use shared preference.

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hace 6 horas, GodOfHellFireAndiBringYou dijo:

Processor and RAM: (Don't know if these are that important)

Ryzen 5 3600



I run 5 right now, and i only have 12.9 GB left. Also, as expected, my PC performs worse when all of these are running.

You need a video card to power the emulators, no matter how much ram it has, it is also not the best of the ryzen (Ryzen 5 3600).

hace 1 minuto, Seppuku dijo:

Me, I do. all my accounts are not the same TH. as do many people i've met.

Try shared_prefs, it won't let you down.

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3 hours ago, GodOfHellFireAndiBringYou said:

I have a RTX 2070 SUPER.

I've been able to run 2 bots at the same time on one PC but there seems to some hiccups since this is my primary PC. 

Now I have 1 bot on my primary playing nicely in the background and a dedicated slower PC running another bot I'm my lesser 3 bases.  I have over 5 accounts see this keeps then active every ~20 minutes.  Four of my accounts go into Legend League on a regular basis using a modified Queen's Gambit csv.   


AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon Graphics, 2375 Mhz, 6 C...

Installed Physical Mem... 8.00 GB


I've upgraded to 32GB ram but the processor ends up being the bottleneck. 

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Simple answer:

You can run 16+ emulator/bot instances on server hardware, or top of line desktop PC. 🙂

BUT Must use mini-GUI version of MBR (included with each release).


Multi-instance topic is complicated, and details are not for random uneducated PC user.

Here is one example thread of some typical complications.


In simplest terms:

Default MBR bot and AVERAGE emulator requires ~1.5-2GB system ram, and 400-480 MB video ram per instance. 

Plus need ~2GB of system ram for windows OS. 

Need minimum of 1GB free hard drive storage per instance for emulator ram drive, with most brands suggesting min 2GB per instance. 


---- More details --------------------------------------


The typical limitation for most high end PC users is amount of video memory

A 2GB video card is limited to ~3-4 emulator/bot instances.  Newest 4-6GB video cards can run ~6-8 instances.


Video memory limitations are one reason the "MyBot.run.MiniGui.au3"  and "MyBot.run.MiniGui..exe" files are included with each release.  This Mini-GUI runs the bot, but without the full GUI, and the overhead required to support fancy pictures and scrolling log(s).  The Mini-GUI is best run using command line parameters, just like regular bot; so you can specify the profile and emulator instance name to be used.  Mini-GUI allows a 32GB ram PC run 16-18 instances with  right emulator.


Some emulators require more resources, and some need less; the above range covers 90%. 

BUT Generalizations between emulators is difficult.  

Resource usage varies a lot between different versions of same emulator brand, so CAN NOT draw conclusions about one brand of emulator software .vs. another; from a single version.

But can offer some tips:

BlueStacks and Menu have released some horribly bloated versions, but also offers less demanding ones.  Nox tends to require largest amount of resources of all supported emulators.  ITools v2x, earliest BS 0.1.X, and no longer supported Memu 2.x versions tend to use least resources.   Typically older emulator versions need/use less resources .vs. using the newest versions.  Current public opinion suggests these emulators as using less resources: BS v2.4x, Memu v3.7, ITools v2.0.X.


Another common challenge with multi-instance is storage resources.  The emulator ram drive on PC constantly grows over time..  It is not uncommon to need up to 5GB of storage for Android emulator after running for year(s).  When you run low on storage, every thing on PC gets slower.  Only easy way to reset this size is remove and reinstall the emulator.


Picking wrong storage medium for the emulator virtual ram drive can be major source of emulator lag.  IME Standard 5400 RPM drive causes slow emulator with only 2 instances, and starting a 3rd instance brings everything to crawl.  A 7200 RPM drive becomes lagged with 4 instance. 

Anyone needing to run more than 2-3 emulator instances at same time; is recommended to use solid state storage. 

An SSD with SATA interface is not much better than 7200 RPM hard drive, and becomes lagged on 5th instance. 

Best overall performance is achieved using M2 format SSD. 

If trying to run maximum instances, might even want to split the virtual drives between two or more different storage locations. 😲


Last but not least:

Every PC is a little different.  Even different video drivers can change amount of resources used by emulator/MBR software.  There is no "one size" fits everyone when it comes to multi-instance.  Only you can determine best emulator, and configuration that meets your needs.


That's all Folks......

Long Live MyBot.Run !!!

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