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Can You Hack This!? 🤯 Beginner Challenge

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Hey Everyone!

Have you ever wanted to try hacking? 🤯







👇 👇       




Challenge Goal(s):


  • Bypass Vulnerable.exe login system!!
  • Potentially retrieve all users and passwords. (not real people) I am working towards this now, as I am learning too. SO THIS GOAL IS A MAYBE.






  • Below I have included 2 programs; Vulnerable.exe and Exploited.exe


  • Vulnerable.exe is a simple program that will ask you for a name and password to "login"
    • There is nothing to login to, the program just ends if the credentials are valid.






  • Vulnerable.exe is flawed, and it is possible to "hack" the program such that the user name and password do not matter.


  • Exploited.exe is the modified executable I made to bypass the login system on this app.
    • As you can see I did not put Greg as the user name, but my guess is that is one of the hardcoded users. (This is a beginner programming assignment I found and figured would be hackable)






  • I included Exploited.exe just so that anyone can have it as a reference. But it is not needed in order to hack Vulnerable.exe




Basically this is just a fun challenge. I wanted to supply an easy to hack program for beginners (that we do not already know the source code to cheat from), and hopefully some people can have fun. 🍻



Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/evkmkogzqgwpax1/ChallengePrograms.zip/file



I have not read the source code myself either, so I do not know all the users or there passwords. But I am working to hack that out next before reading the source!! 😁 Any question or concerns, please respond on this thread.



NOTE: I will not be including the source code, but I do have it if anyone is concerned. The source is excluded in order to take a beginner level hacking situation and make it somewhat more realistic. Vulnerable.exe is an entry level college application that simply takes user data and prints if it is a registered user, if not it quits after a few tries.



Vulnerable.exe Exploited.exe

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