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Best emulator choice for mini-pc tends to force use of particular OS, so picking the OS is a secondary decision.


Hardest part with mini-pc is having enough system resources to allow the Android OS to run near full speed inside the emulator.  Mini-pc users often report the bot and emulator running slow.  VPS users report similar issues and is  another group that wants emulator using least amount of resources. 


Win7 and BS v0.10 used to be the one of the best choices for minimum resource requirements.  But as SC releases updated app capabilities based on latest Android and updated graphics libraries; folks report graphic issues with BS 0.10.  The latest Oct 2020 update has forced several beta testers to use a newer version emulator (BS v2.5+). 


Am not up to date on the latest emulators and which is best to use where. 

Suggest you search the emulator forum posts and VPS user posts to find this information.


Long Live MBR!


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Buy an APU like A10 6800k. The operating system I recommend is Windows 10, mostly because of the emulators. The operating system that I recommend is a reduced version of Windows 10, mainly for compatibility with emulators.

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