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Faster multi account botting.

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 The bot currently goes through 8 accounts in a bit over 1 and half hours, which it's not too bad, averages around 12 minutes/account. However there are some things which can be improved to greatly increase efficiency. After watching the cycle in 1 account everything up to finishing an attack seems fine. After that, the bot goes into builder base every time even if it's unnecessary. It would be more efficient if the bot saved finishing times for workers, lab, clock, new loot available and if the bot went once into that account and knows none of those 4 variables changed, and resources got collected in the past ~12 hours it's unnecessary to waste time to go into builder base. And after a bb attack, the bot wastes time waiting for the opponent to finish their attack, which it's not needed.

  There should be an option to do a single attack (in main village) per account instead of trying to do 2. The attacks are more efficient if the bot will do 1 attack when it logs in the account, when the heroes are up and cc it's full. 

 If i would be able to, i'd like to set the bot at the end of an attack to donate and train army, if bb check it's necessary to go into it, and right after to switch directly into another account instead wasting time waiting for cc that won't get filled most of the time so it's just inefficient waste of time.

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