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Nox not rooted.

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You can make Nox start rooted by default by command line, https://www.bignox.com/blog/command-line-parameters-that-nox-app-player-supports/. This fixes the shared_pref problem.



Func GetNoxProgramParameter($bAlternative = False)
	; see http://en.bignox.com/blog/?p=354
	Local $customScreen = "-root:true -resolution:" & $g_iAndroidClientWidth & "x" & $g_iAndroidClientHeight & " -dpi:160" ; Custom fix - Team AIO Mod++
	Local $clone = """-clone:" & ($g_sAndroidInstance = "" ? $g_avAndroidAppConfig[$g_iAndroidConfig][1] : $g_sAndroidInstance) & """"
	If $bAlternative = False Then
		; should be launched with these parameter
		Return $customScreen & " " & $clone
	If $g_sAndroidInstance = "" Or $g_sAndroidInstance = $g_avAndroidAppConfig[$g_iAndroidConfig][1] Then Return ""
	; default instance gets launched when no parameter was specified (this is the alternative way)
	Return $clone
EndFunc   ;==>GetNoxProgramParameter


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There is nothing you can do about it as far as i can think see. Since the usage of emulators was banned, myself and other people i saw reporting are unable to switch accounts using google play sign-in. Even if i don't use the bot, and i try to connect one of the accounts to google play, no window opens to write "Confirm" anymore. (on nox at least)

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On 20/9/2020 at 18:55, Nytol dijo:

What is the Shared_Prefs problem?

The problem is that Nox does not have root activated by default, since it does not have root, the bot cannot access the shared_prefs folders, if you use this parameter, you will not need to activate root and the bot will copy the shared_prefs.

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