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Some donation bugs.

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Hi, just to make sure the devs are aware about some of the donation bugs, hopefully they get fixed in the next release.


- Often times there is a -1 error for troops and the bot can't find the scroll down button for next requests.

- When there are 2 requests one under the other, the bot scrolls from above and finds the top one. If it donates and fills it, the request dissapears. In it's place the request under it will be pushed up, and it's visible without the need of scrolling down. The bot however won't recheck assuming there is 1 request visible at most each time it scrolls down.

- The above bug will make it so the bot will often not donate to the most recent request, because the moment it donates to the 2nd last, the last request gets pushed up, and the scroll down button dissapears, which makes the bot assume he's done with the donations.

- I don't know if it's only me, but right now i'm having difficulties donating siege machines on some accounts. On a few accounts i set it to donate wrecker to all, while on others to donate on matching "a" "e" "i". But still sometimes the bot doesn't donate it. (i'll try to have a deeper look into into when it fails, i was just hoping other report the same issue).


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Hi @darksider007,


just so you know we always check on every bug report.
Even if we don't respond we are always reading them and appreciate every report.

I have been trying to replicate the -1 slot error from a previous report but have been unable to.
So the additional information you have provided is very useful.
Any logs, screenshots or anything you can provide when making bug reports is always appreciated.


Keep the reports coming, thanks

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Alright, ty for the post :)


Yesterday i noticed on one account that it wasn't donating siege machines having "donate to all" enabled, so i changed it to donate to matching keyword which also didn't work. So today i deleted the profile, made new one and i'll test it again. I'll also try to provide a log when i'll notice the -1 error happen.


As an addition to my first post, the current system currently scrolls down 1 donation, and then takes a screenshot, and will try to donate to all the visible donation requests. However sometimes happens that there's many requests visible one under the other, which the bot already processed before. So when scrolling down once, the bot will take a new screenshot, and will again try to process all the visible requests from top to bottom. That will make the bot waste time but more importantly make it look very bot-like clicking several times on the same donation request each time it will scroll down and still notice the donation show up in the new screenshot. Probably a better logic would be after the bot scrolls down once, the very bottom only request it's checked, and if the bot donates to it, will check if another request was pushed up in it's place before scrolling down again. Also some extra tests have to be made here, in case there's 1-2 lines of chat in between 2 requests, what happens if the bot donates to the top one, and the chat it's slightly pushed up. The new request it's partially visible ? the scroll down button shows ?



I redownloaded a fresh copy of MBR, made brand new profiles for each account. I want to donate siege machine with only 2 accounts. Both accounts are set to "donate only". I tryed to let the bot run on first profile with 2 cc requests in clan chat both in need of siege machine. The bot checks army, reports units and spells but not siege machines available. Then when going into donation mode, it says no siege machines available (even if there's clearly 6 built) and it doesn't donate them. I tryed both with "donate to all" and with matching keyword. But i assume since the bot didn't see them when checking army before donations, it just skips checking for a donation match directly.


And exactly like before i reinstalled the bot, the donation on first account doesn't work, while second account donates.


I want to mention that when i installed the bot fresh today, I went through all the settings first on account 1 (called leeroy, the one that doesn't donate siege machines) and after i had everything set as i wanted, i created the new profile (jurassic). When one account it's selected and you press on create new profile, an identical match it's created. The ONLY difference between the 2 profiles it's on first account i disabled attacking in builder base. Everything else was identical.


But as you can see in the profile archive i uploaded, the account jurassic has no problem donating siege machines.



New update:


Ok this makes no sense whatsoever. On the account that siege donation wasn't working, i re-enabled attacking. I started the bot on that profile, the bot attacked, came back home, and donated siege machine without a problem this time. I clicked once again "donate only" on same profile and started it once again. This time it donated wrecker on the one chat request it found. 


I assume somewhere in the shared_prefs or different settings of each profile it's a crossover. Since some of my other accounts (not one of these 2) have siege factory upgrading, so there the siege machine it's not available for real. Somehow that siege machine not available transferred on the account leeroy, and that might be why it was always skipping donating siege machines.


Newest update:


I thought it's all working, i let it run for a few good hours, i came back at i saw in donation page only 4 ww got donated when it should have been about 18. Also i waited for the bot to cycle in the "broken" user, and sure enough it says again that siege are unavailable with 6 requests ready to be filled up. I stoped the bot, enabled attacks, started the bot, the bot checked the army, saw 6 ww were available, attacked, went home, didn't donate any ww. I stoped again the bot, didn't do ANY change at all, i just pressed stop, waited 5 seconds and pressed start (the attacking was still enabled). The bot checked army, saw 6 ww were available, tryed to attack but it didn't have the cc full so after a couple minutes of waiting it went to donation mode. In donation mode, it donated 6 ww without a problem this time. I have no idea where the problem is, but i hope a dev can figure it out.


Even newer update:


The account which was working to donate siege machines, suddently doesn't donate if "donate only" it's on. The one that didn't work, i set it to attack even if it's full on resources, and it donates. However, something interesting which i noticed, this exact picture in chat with 1 single cc request triggered 11 times the donation beeing processed. I'm not sure if the debug part makes it look like that or because of that guy showing diamonds in the chat makes the bot go crazy. Attaching picture and latest log.








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