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Various minimisation problems

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I have never seen a program like this. Even thou it gets job done it really need to be polished so we won't have a breakdown while using both computer and bot at the same time:)

Firstly i know some of them shouldn't be reported but these situations are so annoying i will write them anyway so maybe respectable developers consider them to be fixed. Thank you



- When i minimize other folders, bots unminimise themselves


- When i click minimise icon on bot emulator show up and stays there for short amount of time and then they disappears togerher. Not a big problem but can be confusing and annoying


- Sometimes even thou i minimise bots i can't use desktop folders because bot or emulator is still there invisibly? and i need to unminimise and minimise them again several times


- When i click on bot's minimised icon they appear and dissappear again immidiately until i click "show bot". Not a big problem but can be confusing and annoying


- Sometime similar thing happens with emulator. As soon i click on bot's icon emulator appears and not disappear


- When i click minimise button on emulator it appears again because of bot i geuss


- When i click emulator icon on the task bar instead of emulators bot GUI appears. While this happening bot's icon is appearing on the task bar and i need to click on it one or multiple times to open the emulator


- Im not sure if this happens because of bots but for example while writing this sometimes something choses an another window so i can't write until i click browser window. This happens twice



i activated "hide when minimised" but couldn't find "Updating when minimized" option

Im running two bots with GUI via SelectBot

Windows 10 1903

MyBot v7.8.5

Nox v6.3.0.9


Thank you

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