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The lab progress it's not displayed in the last verion.


While you're there, maybe you can add some sort of idle notification for builder base too pls :)


Edit: Seems i jumped the gun too quick. The Lab progress it's displayed, but it got changed to be cleared once you stop and restart the bot (without closing). The old system was better, i could jump from account to account and i could easily check which account i need to log into. Now if i stop the bot to go into accounts that have idle workers/lab i don't find the next account that i should go into as easy as before.

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Hi, thanks for the interest in the topic :)


In the left side it's the page before i press stop in the bot. I like to check the bot a couple times a day and manually choose which buildings/upgrades to start.

In the previous bot iteration, i could see in the stats page which account has idle workers/lab, and i would stop the bot, then jump directly into the account that needs my attention. Currently (picture in the middle) once i stop the bot, the lab values get deleted instantly. So if there are several accounts that need my attention, once i stop the bot it might be hard to remember which accounts i had to jump into. 

In 3rd picture, it's my suggestion to include a couple dots for idle worker or lab into builder base.


As an extra, another small suggestion if i may, include a small option in the bot to beep when login into an account and anything it's idle. I would imagine many like to use the bot while they use the pc for other things and being a bit more interactive with your account might be more fun than letting it run on default options.


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