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How to create new images for imgxml subfolders

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Hello Mybot team!


First, I'd like to thank you for providing such an amazing piece of software.  I've been enjoying it for years!


I'm interested in modifying the clan games logic a bit so that the bot will trash challenges that it can't do (super troop challenges come to mind specifically, but there are others too).  I've read through some of the au3 files and I have a general idea how to do what I want.  I found a folder in C:\MyBot-MBR_v7.8.3\imgxml\Resources\ClanGamesImages\Challenges which appears to contain a pattern the bot uses to recognize each challenge in the clan games window.  I see each challenge has a ".xml" file associated with it.  How do I create additional ".xml" files for additional challenges?


I found a post here -

which implies that I could simply take a small sample of the area of the clan games window which contains the challenge I want to add, save that small sample as a .png file, and simply place that file in the folder I previously mentioned.  Would that work?  Also, are there any specifications regarding the sample I need to capture (like how big should it be)?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Masner,


you wont be able to create the xml files yourself.

But you can indeed use PNG files instead exactly the way you described.
you can use any size sample you like, just choose a small area for example 15pixels x 15 pixels that is unique and use that.
Grumpyhog just replied as I'm typing this, he has done some work on the clan games for the next version, but I'll still post this for information purposes anyway.

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