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Black and White List

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Good evening together

maybe someone could help me. I just want to donate to certain people in my clan, so I wanted to use this blacklist. How do I get photos of some members on the White List that should only get? Thank you for the help.

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In the bot go to the following tab...
Village > Req. & Donate > Schedule Donations

in the section 'Donation Clan Mates Filter' you will see a drop down box.
Select the following option...

'No Filter but collect Clan Mates Images'


now run the bot for a while and it will collect images of clan mates names.
After a while you can stop the bot and click on the button 'Open Clan Mates Image Folder'

now move the images to either the black list folder or the white list folder.
The clan mates you want to donate to into the white list, the ones you don't into the black list.


Now back in the bot, select from that same drop down list either of the following options...
'Donate only to clan mates in the white list'


'Donate to all except clan mates in the black list'



(I never use this feature personally so I apologies if I've forgotten anything.)

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