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7.8.3: crashed when using more than 4 ss-id and switch profile

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I try to connect 5th bot account with SS-ID.   I use profile switching  with SuperCell ID.

Four accounts work without problem (with switching) . But after connecting 5th account, bot was crashed (when try to switching to 5th account) with message:


Line 702 (File "COCBot\functions\Village\SwitchAccount.au3"):
Click($aCoordinates[$NextAccount - $iIndexSCID][0],
$aCoordinates[$NextAccount - $iIndexSCID][1], 1) Click(^ ERROR Error:
Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript
dimension range exceeded.

screenshot:  https://yadi.sk/i/7mDC7fpEgoXluA


Image of profile switching settings: https://yadi.sk/i/wUYQgVJTttLRJw


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