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How Can I Train & Attack with Super Troops ??

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At Introducing page of Mybot 7.8.3

* Add Super Troops Training and Attacking (Spring 2020 Update) - Not Complete

, but I cannot find how to use?

The bot does not recognize SupertTroops, even after trained manually. Also does not deploy when attacking(After Manual Train)


7.8.3 Change log:


After hours of debugging, image grabbing, coding and talking, Mybot.run Team finally can present you the newest Version :robot:


Very very special thanks for this release go to our newest, hardworking Developers: @Chilly-Chill, @TFKNazGul, @Nytol and @HArchH.

Also thank you to our active Beta Tester who tested it for days!


* Add Super Troops Training and Attacking (Spring 2020 Update) - Not Complete
* Fix Lootcart Position (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Main Village Zoomout (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Diamond Shape (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Maintenance Detection (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Clan Castle Request (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Search Condition Townhall Filter. Reported by @coccolino
* Fix Builder Base Attack Ending
* Fix Train Siege not Working on MiniGui. Reported by @grumpyhog
* Fix Bot not Switching Accounts when all legend attacks are done.
* Fix DonateCC OCR Position (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Donations from 2 Row! (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix LatinA OCR Problems (Spring 2020 Update)
* Fix Royal Champion Ability
* Fix Google Play account list detection
* More fixes for optional update moving donate screen

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1 hour ago, AcIdBARRY said:

there is a bug when u have super troops in your cc the bot will crash.


Hmm, can you provide logs before the crash happens??

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