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I am running a dell workstation with an i7-6700, 16GB mem, and an AMD card with 2GB video ram.  I can run 2 bots without issues.  But while running a third emu, I noticed performance tanked, simply because of lack of GPU memory (I have a spare 1080 Ti FE, but the Dell is half height....). I tried switching between DirectX and OpenGL, and didn't notice any less resources being used in Task Manager. MyBot lists DirectX as required software, not sure if that is just for the bot's GUI.  But it appears to me that performance on the emu doesn't change either way.  Anybody have any insight for me which I should be using as my pc appears to be able to run both without problems (while running only two emulators)?

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Some emulators require more resources than others. 

There are even noticeable differences between software versions of same emulator due differences in internal display driver handler. 😞


Suggest check the settings on the Bot Options tab. 

Can reduce the bot resource demand when running more than one instance by changing the "Processor/Thread Advanced" settings. 


Another challenge with multi-instance is speed of mass storage.  Each emulator adds significant traffic to a different 2-5GB virtual hard drive file on PC. 

Installing the emulator software onto a solid state drive will allow use of more instances compared to regular hard drive. 

In my testing years ago, 5400rpm drive shows a lot of lag after the 2nd instance. 

Locating the OS swap files on different or faster drive will also increase performance of multi-instance.


Long Live MBR!

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15 hours ago, aktasmahir said:

which emulator do you suggest ? 

Emulator choice is highly debated.  Haven't tested latest version emulators.   I use iTools for multi-instance and BS 2.5.43 for single instance on old PC's running Win10.

There are several threads discussing emulator choices.  This is most recent I can find.

There are also threads on each of the different emulators as they have unique quirks that can force customization of system parameters to get 'lowest' resource usage when folks decide need to run 4+ instances on single PC.  One complication with emulator software is different versions behave differently and can have different Android versions inside.  Common thread with users complaints in past has been graphics driver compatibility by emulator?  Some are more compatible with latest graphics drivers, than others; and some won't run at all with latest graphics driver.  Multi-instance setup can require some trial and error to find what works for your system.



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