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Skip Troop/Spell Delete and JUST ADD MORE!?

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I have read all the threads already about keeping the troops and expensive spells from being deleted and only answer seems to be its not broken.  Well, 5hit it is if I'm constantly lose tons of elixer from throwing away spells.  Just to relist it and throw away again on the next round.  There should be a way to have an add more option EG if you wanted an even amount of barbs, archs, giants.  Then MBR would see the last troop on the list and just continue the pattern of BAG,BAG,BAG and there would not be a loss.  Also, to go with spells.  I'd rather have too many of one spell than just throwing away tons of elixer because MBR doesn't have a better option.  I know this also happens because I have it to donate and when the pattern MBR is looking for is broken and throws all my spells/elixer all away.  It is incredibly annoying and wish there was around this issue Other than saying "It's not broken".  Ok, if its Not broken please tell us or give us another option then, dang.  It sucks so bad when you MBR just throw away troops and spells, Very expensive ones, just because MBR doesn't know any better. 

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There is absolutely no useful information in this post.
This is your 3rd post ever on the forum, I have looked at your other posts and none of them relate to this issue.

So complaining nobody has helped you before you have even asked a question is not appreciated.

Please remember the bot is made by a team of Devs working for free, the support given here is from people like me dedicating our time for free.


Now with that said lets try and deal with your issue.

There are various settings and combinations of settings around making troops to allow people to use the bot in the way they want to.

Post a screenshot of your train tab so I can see how you have it setup and tell me how much troop space you have in your camps.

A log might also be useful, but I think it will most likely be a settings issue, so lets go from there.

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