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Introduction :

We have been working on the new version but with the major update from SC in  last week, we had to speed up the process. The new version introduces several changes in image search method, recognition of troops and letters. We try to add new features and wanted add more but the we had a lots of work with coordinates and pixel from new Update. Our priority was stabilize bot with the new features for the new update , giving to our moderators and contributors the possibility to see the process an collaborate with us directly, and they can release now and fast the Merged/Modded versions.

Change Log 4.0 :

  • New attack log
  • Make a photo of your village
  • Use barracks mode with dark barrack troops custom army
  • Dual search tab, livebase and deadbase
  • Gold + Elixir condition added
  • Dual options for livebase and deadbase
  • Clan Castle balance D/R ratio
  • Added preset list of troops to be used while attacking
  • TH Bully can be (and must be) used with attack settings from deadbase or livebase
  • Add option exit if resources lower than the set values
  • Add option exit if no resourcea left
  • Add option exit if one or two stars earned
  • Enable sharing replay
  • Donate custom troops
  • Latin Alphabetic + Numbers + special characters ( like ñ , ç and ã ) , special Turkish and Russian characters.
  • Moved here halt attack options from log tab
  • Multiple profiles
  • Added option auto clear Tombstones
  • Minimum resource values that should be met to restart attacking after halting attack because of low resources
  • Add upgrade Buildings and Heroes
  • Add save one Builder for walls
  • Add upgrade Laboratory
  • Add restart command
  • Add stop command
  • Add Army camp full notification
  • Compliant to new Pushbullet API syntax
  • Check latest version
  • Auto delete log and temp files older than date
  • Check Game language (English is needed for bot)
  • Set delay for slow pc
  • Automatic press start button on-load
  • Automatic positioning of BlueStacks and Bot windows when start button pressed
  • Write log coordinates
  • Make screenshot in PNG format (jpg as default)
  • Donate CC, Request CC and Drop CC scheduler
  • Force total army camp if not auto detected (instead of asking)
  • Two rows tabs GUI
  • Minor bug fix
  • Anti-gem spend fix : rearm, walls, build, spells, search,requestCC, ugrade heroes, train
  • New OCR recognition improved - Latin Alphabetic + special letters + numbers / Russian / Turkish
  • Debug code add

Change Log 4.0.1 :

  • CoC English language check improved, should work for everyone
  • Unnecessary Weak Base checking fixed
  • Fix for never getting a match with Weak Base option together with Dual Search mode
  • Search reduction is now applied separately for Dual Search Mode (Dead / Live Base) (affects only if you use "Enabled after X skips")
  • Bot now does not crash if you have more than 11 troops/spells/heroes/cc available while attacking
  • Bot now does not crash while checking for remaining troop, if it deployed all your available units
  • Heroes [Queen] automatic ability activation fixed
  • Clan Castle troop request disabling is fixed
  • Custom Troop Wizard training is fixed
  • Dark Troop training is now balanced
  • Auto Start feature now does not cause bot and PushBullet remote control to malfunction
  • TH Snipe zoom out issue is fixed
  • Fixed the log for dark elixir and trophy gain after the attack
  • Fixed "End battle when no resources left"
  • Save one builder for wall upgrading logic error fixed
  • Unbreakable mode "excess cloud watching time"
  • Zoom out endless loop fixed
  • King Deployment fixed
  • Fixed the problem with reading some troop quantities
  • Improved bot version check
  • Improved OCR
    ADD :
  • Troop training is now done using the new army view button
  • New army view is used to detect available number of barracks and dark barracks
  • TH Snipe GBarch attack now comes with the official release
  • Early Detection for Take-A-Break warning
  • Added 2nd attempt to read Take-A-Break text for slow PC, VM and VPS after a short delay.
  • Return of the "Not a Dead Base" "Not a Live Base" "Not a Weak Base for Dead/Live Base" info message while searching
  • New Dark Spells are now recognized
  • Manual locating (Town Hall, Barracks, Clan Castle, Laboratory, Spell Factory) is improved
  • Prevention of bot going out of screen when moving
  • When using automatic positioning of BlueStacks and Bot, bot will no longer accidentally go off the screen with BS
  • v4.0 addition of ignoring level 6-7-8 Elixir Collectors for TH9-10s is removed

Coming soon in 4.1

  • Chat request : Some Turkish letters , add more languages selectable from GUI..
  • Upgrade Buildings v3
  • Walls Upgrade v3
  • DE Side Attack
  • Improve the TH Sniping
  • More Stats/GUI
  • Boost Barracks individual
  •  ..... and collaboration directly with all good contributors in code snippet session.

AutoIt and Malware:


If you have been using AutoIt for any length of time you will know that it is a great and powerful scripting language. As with all powerful languages there comes a downside: virus creation by those with malicious intent. AutoIt has no viruses installed on your system, and if a script you have created has been marked as a virus (and you're not malicious) then this is a false positive. The most common cause is an AntiVirus engine has found a set of instructions in an AutoIt EXE and deemed it malicious, took the general signature of the file, and has now flagged all (or most) AutoIt EXE's. This can be due to several reasons:

Compiled AutoIt scripts can optionally be compressed with UPX. UPX is an open source software compression packer. It is used with many viruses (to make them smaller).

A malicious scripter got the AutoIt script engine recognized as a virus.

There are more ways your executable could be marked; this topic covers only the most common causes.


Thank you to all moderators and contributors , they are tireless to respond to all requests, many of you do not even know the job they have every day ....  everyone without exception who have placed code in our code snippets section ...

All Game Bot Team and a special thks to: @hervidero gave me the chance to work directly with him .... and @Antidote the original developer, under the GNU license.

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