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CC Spells size read error!

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It says the message in the title and I'm unable to unable to automatically brew spells by this and It wont drop them in battle. image

they auto brew now but it still doesnt automatically put them on the dark elixer mines

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well, bot doesn't read the spell , that's true and it happens for me as well, 


TH : 11

Clan Castle : 6 ( Didn't upgrade yet )

Spell : EQ,

log down below and PS from settings, excuse me I rarely join the forum but the post attracted me.


[3:44:48 PM] Already in current account
[3:44:50 PM] Waiting for Main Screen
[3:44:52 PM] Village Report
[3:44:52 PM]  [T]: 2 523
[3:44:52 PM]  [G]: 1 524 057 [E]: 1 965 637 [D]: 72 526 [GEM]: 17
[3:44:55 PM] Total Army Camp Capacity: 240/240 (100%)
[3:44:56 PM]  - 12 Giants Available
[3:44:56 PM]  - 6 Wall Breakers Available
[3:44:56 PM]  - 14 Wizards Available
[3:44:56 PM]  - 14 Valkyries Available
[3:44:56 PM]  - Barbarian King Available
[3:44:56 PM]  - Archer Queen Available
[3:44:56 PM] Total Spell Factory Capacity: 11/11
[3:44:56 PM]  - 4 Rage Spells Brewed
[3:44:56 PM]  - 3 Earthquake Spells Brewed
[3:44:57 PM] Total Clan Castle Spells: 1/1
[3:44:57 PM] Total Siege CC Capacity: 0/1
[3:44:57 PM] CC Troop is full.
[3:44:57 PM] CC Spell is full or not available.
[3:44:57 PM] Chief, is your Army ready? Yes, it is!







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