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AIO Mod++ v4.5.1 / MBR v7.9.2   Download (zip): "AIO-Mod/releases/latest/download/MyBot.run.zip"   Last release - v4.5.1 (Based on MyBot v7.9.2) - 26/04/2021. Last

A quick fix will be uploaded per day, now one is being uploaded, I am very sorry but it is a very big project for me alone: ** V3.3.1 ** »Improved: • Base builder: - CheckArmyBuilderBase on

Please I need your help, there is a user who is harassing me, I would need them to go with him and tell him to stop doing it. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/profile/410443-proficlasher/

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il y a 2 minutes, raiiiyann a dit :

Hi, is there a way to bot more than 4 accounts? When the bot tries to switch to account #5 there's an error. If i pick shared_prefs, the bot wont switch at all. Any tips please?

Official known issue :


Known issues with Hot Fix:
- EPIC Jungle Scenery is NOT supported. Zoomout and village measuring will fail with this new optional layout.
- Additional image detection work is needed for CSV attack scripts. SIDE and MAKE commands will fail to find the new building and wall levels.
- Pet upgrades, and pet to hero assignment inside new Pet House are not supported (yet).

- level 15 wall upgrade not supported yet
- SCID account switch limited to 4 accounts


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Hi, new user here.

First of all I am a huge fan of all your work, like guys keep it coming! :D

I was facing a issue where the bot(7.9.2 with aio mod++) just keeps showing "MEmu running in window mode"

and proceeds to restart MEmu in an endless cycle.

I believe more information might be required for anyone to assist me & I will do my best to provide info as needed.

That is all, have a great day fellow botters!

(btw I am not aware of whether or not I should post this here, so sorry if this isn't supposed to be here)

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