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AIO Mod++ v4.3.1 / MBR v7.8.8

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AIO Mod++ v4.3.1 / MBR v7.8.8   Download (zip): AIO Mod++ Last release - v4.3.1 (Based on MyBot v7.8.8) - 29/10/2020. Last changelog.   * This mod contains pairing (

A quick fix will be uploaded per day, now one is being uploaded, I am very sorry but it is a very big project for me alone: ** V3.3.1 ** »Improved: • Base builder: - CheckArmyBuilderBase on

Please I need your help, there is a user who is harassing me, I would need them to go with him and tell him to stop doing it. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/profile/410443-proficlasher/

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hace 10 horas, aqlattikader dijo:


I sometimes get this error

[11:23:43] Going to Attack
[11:23:43] Waiting for Main Screen
[11:23:52] Looking for village!
[11:24:02]   1> [G]: 526195 [E]: 527035 [D]: 3667 [T]:15
[11:24:02]       Not a Dead Base
[11:24:16]   2> [G]: 417936 [E]: 418103 [D]: 1608 [T]:26
[11:24:16]       Not a Dead Base
[11:24:28]   3> [G]: 656925 [E]: 528655 [D]: 1697 [T]:27
[11:24:28]       Dead Base Found!
[11:24:29] ================== Search Complete ==================
[11:24:29] Initiating attack for: Dead Base
[11:24:31] 0: 200 Archers
[11:24:31] 1: 16 Giants
[11:24:31] 3: 11 Lightning Spells
[11:24:31]  ====== Start Attack ====== 
[11:24:31] Next Side Order is TL|BR|TR|BL
[11:24:32] SearchRedLines - Imgloc DLL Critical Error
[11:24:32] ,387|-19,382|-13,378|-6,373|0,368|7,363|13,359|20,354|26,349|33,344|39,340|46,335|52,330|59,326|65,321|72,316|78,311|85,307|91,302|98,297|104,292|111,288|117,283|124,278|130,274|137,269|143,264|150,259|156,255|163,250|169,245|176,240|182,236|189,231|195,226|202,221|208,217|215,212|221,207|228,203|234,198|241,193|247,188|254,184|260,179|267,174|273,169|280,165|286,160|293,155|299,151|306,146|312,141|319,136|325,132|332,127|338,122|345,117|351,113|358,108|358,671|364,666|371,661|377,657|383,652|390,647|396,642|402,637|409,632|415,628|421,623|428,618|434,613|440,608|447,604|453,599|459,594|466,589|472,584|478,580|485,575|491,570|497,565|504,560|510,555|516,551|523,546|529,541|535,536|542,531|548,527|555,522|561,517|567,512|574,507|580,503|586,498|593,493|599,488|605,483|612,478|618,474|624,469|631,464|637,459|643,454|650,450|656,445|662,440|669,435|675,430|681,426|688,421|694,416|700,411|707,406|713,401|719,397|726,392|732,387|108,450|244,552|104,447|182,505|267,571|186,509|181,505|75,426|251,330|118,458|77,427
[11:24:32] Restart bot in 3 Minutes...

I'm sorry this doesn't happen to me and if that's what I can't do anything.

hace 4 horas, iroeghoij dijo:

can u tell me how? it doesnt wok when i turn donations on


No, it wouldn't make sense because it takes a long time to change from one process to another.

Edited by Boldina
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Le 14/10/2020 à 22:18, taxi7 a dit :

Hi after update supercel id switch doesbt work. 1 Click Reload Supercell Id it stops.pls help thanks

yes it must be normal, because the window where appear the supercell id to change, if you now notice we see the name of the village and the activity since the update

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On 10/12/2020 at 5:44 PM, lfplayer said:

I also do the same when I create a new instance with MEmu, I just restarted my computer and they are again detected by the bot


Thanks, nice to know its a common issue.  Just wish there was a way around it other than rebooting.  



The "REMAIN" portion of the CSV is not sending Super Valks.  Is there something I can do to have AIO send her? 

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Il y a 13 heures, miguelramos12 a dit :

Yeah, I've followed the documentation, i've activated all the notifications and it doesn't work

good evening, did you create your own discord server? it only works on a server where you are admin or this type of permission, I use it and I configure this in 5 minutes it's very simple

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