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Enable Alternating Profiles Based on Schedule

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Enable Alternating Profiles Based on Schedule

I have tried to use the current scheduling options in the bot to alternate profiles based on time but it didn't work and I have been told that it isn't designed to work that way.  I would like it to be an option.


Use Case Example:  I have 2 donation accounts, Donation 1 and Donation 2.  I would like to be able to configure the same bot to use Donation 1 for 3 hours (0-2) then switch to Donation 2 profile for 3 hours (3-5) and then back.  This would allow me to have 24 hour donations without ever hitting the 4 hour cap with any one account.




When I try to configure this via the attack schedule, Donation 1 just goes offline for 3 hours and Donation 2 never starts up.


I'm not going to propose a solution unless you ask but this would be a nice enhancement (IMHO).



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