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Can all my accounts get banned.

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8 minutes ago, bartyboy said:

I used the bot for 4 accounts on 1 pc. 3 of them got banned in october. All had the same configuration. I botted 24/7, now I changed this.

At the moment, they don't ban all accounts from the same IP. But they can change it, if they want.

I get banning multi accounts using 1 instance on a pc. But if i use 2 instances for example.

I use Memu for my main account which never bots, and memu_1 to bot a different account on, does it mean my main

account could get banned?


With regards to the op his question was if he botted 1 account could all his accounts get banned.

An anwser here was a definitive "yes all accounts"


This is what i find hard to believe. Especially when no specifics were given by the op with regards to if he's

using differnt instaces, to bot or even differnt pc's etc etc?

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