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MyUpdator, keep your mybot update ! (31/08/19)

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I'm glad to present my first Autoit Program called "MyUpdator"


What this program does ?

It automatically get the latest version of mybot and save your profiles and CSV folder.

It actually supports 4 Versions : Original,AIO, Light, CHILL


Download !


Project Github



How to use it ?


If it's the first time you use it just put your profiles folder and CSV on temp folder

Select the version you wanna choice and click on download button



It's my first program so if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve i would happy to hear them.

Enjoy it !







Added Visual C++ 2010 installation

Fix version (Light / Chill)



Add support emulators download

Add chill mod (thanks @[Q]'Hollow)

add toggles for Profiles and CSV



Fix Light Mod problem



Add custom path (thanks @jonyber)

Modify Gui to something more organize


Version Turtle

Add Show version on top (thanks @joosmega)

Add Semi-auto updater (thanks @joosmega)

Add Mybot version on success message (thanks @joosmega)

Remove Metro MsgBox (size improvement)

Fix LightMod again (The fix don't worked the first time)


Fish Version

Add multi support of emulator

Fix custom path


Bird Version

Fix chill repo


Snake Version

Add csv collection (if you want me to add your or share me your collection pm me)

Add profile editor by @PoH98



Show MyUpdator Version on Top Done
 Show downloaded MyBot or MOD version Done

MyUpdator Auto Update Semi-Done

Add follow system to csv

Add internal profile editor

Add Emulator page selection with more versions Done



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Il y a 2 heures, [Q]'Hollow a dit :

Can u use the same profile in light and chill mob??.

Chill = Light 

Edit : You're right i thought Chill and light was same fix in next version thx

Edit2 :Updated V2.0  :my_blush:

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