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How to modify all profiles at once

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How to modify all profiles at once



I just wanted to share my trick to modify settings on all my bots.

Alternatively, you could replace profiles but that messes up everything if you have different TownHall levels.

You could also use strategies but that's limited to attack settings.


I use textcrawler, a tool I found here: https://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/textcrawler.html


  1. Open a profile config.ini folder to identify the setting(s) you want to change
  2. Set the type of file to "*.ini"
  3. Set the folder location to your profile folder
  4. Type a query
    1. simple like "language=french" to be replace by "language=english"
    2. complex to replace whole blocks from your profiles (see example below)

For example:



Example of complex request:

Here I wanted to apply the same donation settings to all my profiles without modifying anything else.




Hope that helps :)

Please give rep if it's useful ! :checkmark:

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