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New Bot Detecting sSystem announcement

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IT is easy for supercell to programm code to detect bot Player.  I wonder that supercell have tolerated so long us bot Player.  I make a break for a view month now and i wait what happens. 

IT ist Not easy to let the bot Run aß a human Player.  Only Run bot for 3 hours a Day its Not enough.  The bot is a bot, makes equal attacks. That can be easy detected.  Supercell can store the whole attack, that means alle steps of the attack with time. And Compare  this with next attacks. If a Account make a Lot of very similar attacks,  a bot are playing


Maybe supercell know today all bot acounts and Do Not want lose all this accounts. Maybe they give us a chance to play the Account without bot


I think There are a huge amount of bot accounts and supercell is Not interessted to lose all this accounts


I Used multibotrun for 2 years, the bot Run 24 hours with 5 attack Account.  . The most bot Player have a Lot of accounts.  I have 3 th12 Account,  ner to max, only heros and Walls are a little Bit below max. No Account ist banned AT the moment

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