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Combo Train System

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Combo Train System

I want to make a suggestion for the quick train system. SamM0d, created by Samkie, use a combo train system that is very effective. You can select the army that you want to use (1, 2 or 3) and you put the exactly troops that have on that army that you choose. Like this: I selected army 3, that is 16 giants and 200 archers. The bot reads if there is space to use the quick train button and train army 3. It checks if the troops are is right and move on to the next step (spells). Spells are training separately, so you dont put spells on the army at quick train tab. You put them on a separate tab (on bot) and the bot will train them as well. The whole process saves a lot of time if compares to the current system. I tried to put some prints on the topic, but I couldnt make it. Samkie abandoned his mod a long time ago, so I asking for this system at the original bot.

Here is the link of Samkie's mod: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/24520-mbr753-samm0d-v144-rc6-combo-train-system-multi-finger-switch-acc-friendly-challenge-and-etc/


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