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[MOD]PC Shutdown when reaching specific resource amount

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[MOD]PC Shutdown when reaching specific resource amount

hey guys its so simple

put it into functions folder or whatever you choose and include it in functions\MBR Functions.au3

and use function at end of functions\Village\Collect.au3 Function

moders also can add GUI G/E/DE adjustments for this function 

Enjoy it

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name ..........: Rshutdown
; Description ...: This function will shutdown computer when reached specific resource amout
; Syntax ........: Rshutdown()
; Parameters ....: Amout
; Return values .: None
; Author ........: cjcjd99 (2019-june-26)
; Modified ......: None
; Remarks .......: This file is part of MyBot, previously known as ClashGameBot. Copyright 2015-2019
;                  MyBot is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL
; Related .......:
; Link ..........: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki
; Example .......: No
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func Rshutdown($pc_turnoffG,$pc_turnoffE,$pc_turnoffD)

If _NumberFormat($g_aiCurrentLoot[$eLootGold]) <= $pc_turnoffG And _NumberFormat($g_aiCurrentLoot[$eLootElixir]) <= $pc_turnoffE And _NumberFormat($g_aiCurrentLoot[$eLootDarkElixir]) <= $pc_turnoffDE Then
SetLog("Shutdown amout reached,Turning PC off!", $COLOR_SUCCESS)


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