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Adult Active Clan TH10 and Up Only

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Adult Active Clan TH10 and Up Only



  • Level 3 War/Adult Clan
  • English speaking
  • Maxed out Clan games every time!
  • CWL Wars available





  • Townhall 10s and Up Only
  • Must BE ACTIVE
  • Always requesting and donating troops
  • Participate in Clan Games
  • Keyword donations: Any, anything, def
  • Blacklist (DO NOT DONATE): War, maxed, max
  • Troops to not donate: Wall breakers and gobs (unless requested)


*We have a lot of trophy pushers recently using lavaloons therefore, IF you are requesting and pushing, PLEASE DONATE Loons with the

KEY WORDS: loons and balloons

Spell donate: Rage: Key word: Rage

If not, this will cause an issue with a lot of trophy pushers requesting and no one donating...


How to join:



2) Private message me on the forums here and clan name will be given !

3) Reply to this thread with the following info:


- Townhall Level

- Hero Levels

- Hours per day you bot

- Do you war? (If you say yes, we expect you to be skilled and attack every war)




Little Bit About Our Us:



we are all accustom to how the bot works. However, every player in the clan is intelligent meaning that they do not talk about the bot in the clan, 

are able to follow directions, and able to set up their bots properly to avoid donating incorrectly. If you cannot follow simple rules, there's a lot of subpar clans in this forum that you can join. That being said, we are a fun bunch and donating A LOT!  Come join the top botting/war clan in the game!!


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