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input Ukrainian text
In the clan chat, I need to report on the available donate, but no function even works with English text.
$text = "Привіт! Hello!"
AndroidSendText($text, True)
AndroidSendText($text, False)

The text entry window is already active.

By the way, the request of the troops also does not work with the Ukrainian language ...
SendText () sends English text only. If I add the Ukrainian text, as in the example, nothing will be entered.

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Unicode text sending is major challenge with Auto-it language used by bot.  Auto-it is designed to use ANSI characters by default.

Second challenge is ADB interface between Windows and Android OS used by bot.  ADB is also based on ANSI character set.


If you want to learn more and/or fix this code issue with bot;

suggest investigate language/character set programming in both Auto-it and Android Development kit.


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