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Improve "DisableCollectorsFilter" and "Meet one then attack"

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Improve "DisableCollectorsFilter" and "Meet one then attack"

When I use the DisableCollectorsFilter,

I hope attack  AB1:INFERNO lv2 or AB2:XBOW lv3,

but  in fact only attack AB:INFERNO lv2 and XBOW lv3


When I use the Meet one then attack,

I hope attack  one of them Weak Defensive building,

For example I set th10 INFERNO lv2 XBOW lv3,

I hope attack th10 INFERNO lv2 or th10 XBOW lv3,

but  in fact attack th10 or INFERNO lv2 or XBOW lv3


Request to improve these two function

thank you very much

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As far as I know, "Meet one" includes all options inside of the group ...


For example, If you search for 100k gold and inferno level 2, when base with 100k gold is found, it does not matter what is the inferno setting, bot will attack the base.






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13 godzin temu, Hecki napisał:






i konw,so I hope to add a new function.




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