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I need Responsible Boter for my Lvl-13 Clan

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I need Responsible Boter for my Lvl-13 Clan

Dear Friends,


Hope, you are all doing well.

I am the only botet and leader of my lvl13 clan with 40 member. Nowaday general member are unstable which make the clan inactive at some points.

So I think now I can dedicated the clan for boter.

I am continuously boting my 15 acc where 12 acc is th12( 9 is in legendary with max hero and 3 is upgrading hero) and rest 3 TH9+Th8+TH7( using for clan game).

You need to be a mature adult to join the clan and also understand those word - "Integrity", "Honesty" and "Loyalty".

I can give you all technical support like emulator and bot setup for farming, upgrading or trophy pushing even through team-viewer.

Always get donation for your attack or use 3-5 acc with switch-acc mode to get it yourself.

Need only Th12 player.

If you are interested, Send me private message with details  in forum acc.


Thanks you all

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