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راهنمایی برای آپدیدت اخیر

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راهنمایی برای آپدیدت اخیر


دوستان اخیرا و در آپدیدت 7.7.3 اسکریپتی اضافه شده که ممنون میشم اگه کسی درست و کامل راهنمایی کنه. پایین مینویسم.


UPDATE:  v7.7.3+ capability

  • Can now have conditions set, when to break the wait early, TH, SIEGE and TH+SIEGE
    • When INDEX = TH; breaks early, when enemy townhall is destroyed
    • When INDEX = SIEGE;  breaks early, when siegemaschine got destroyed and releases troops
    • When INDEX = TH+SIEGE; breaks early, when both townhall AND siegemaschine got destroyed
    • When INDEX = TH,SIEGE; breaks early, when townhall OR siegemaschine got destroyed
  • when no siegemaschine is deployed before the conditional wait
    • When INDEX = SIEGE; returns immediately
    • When INDEX = TH+SIEGE; demotes to TH, so only waits for TH destruction
  • UPDATE: v7.7.5+ capability
  • Can now have additional conditions 50%, AQ, BK, GW as well as AQ+BK or BK+AQ
    • When INDEX = 50%; breaks early, when 50% damage reached
    • When INDEX = AQ; breaks early, when Archer Queen gets activated
    • When INDEX = BK; breaks early, when Barbarian King gets activated
    • When INDEX = GW; breaks early, when Grand Warden gets activated
    • When INDEX = AQ+BK; breaks early, when both Queen AND King got activated
      • is demoted to INDEX = AQ, when only Queen was deployed
      • is demoted to INDEX = BK, when only King was deployed
  • as before, you can combine different conditions comma separated
  • If conditions are set, but none fits, WAIT will return immediately, like for instance, when INDEX = AQ, but Queen is not yet dropped, or already activated
WAIT  |60000      |TH,SIEGE   |           |           |           |           |           |          |
WAIT  |60000      |TH+SIEGE   |           |           |           |           |           |          |

Example to trigger both Queen and King at the same time:

WAIT  |60000      |AQ,BK      |           |           |           |           |           |           |
DROP  |A          |1          |1          |queen      |0          |0          |0          |           |
DROP  |A          |1          |1          |king       |0          |0          |0          |           |

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