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[Solved]V1.2.1. bot stuck in searching mode.bot dead.

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2015-03-08 20:36:47 : Searching...

2015-03-08 20:36:54 : ============Searching For Dead Bases============

2015-03-08 20:36:54 : Aim: [G]: 150000 [E]: 250000 [D]: 0 [T]:40 [TH]: 8

2015-03-08 20:36:56 : 1> [G]: 9649 [E]: 11108 [D]: 296 [T]:31 [TH]: 7, In

2015-03-08 20:37:02 : 2> [G]: [E]: [D]: 0 [T]: 9 [TH]: 8, Out

and bot dead.

not happened but I have found clicking a wall as if the button "next", I had the hope that the bot will restart, but after 20 minutes I've had to do manually.

why has this happened?? is very common?

you could implement something that would restart the bot when it detects that there is no movement when it should be doing something, example;

bot, looking goal, five minutes not find the next button ... error, restart.


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what settings are u useing, please take screenshot or write everything here in thread.. i don't have a problem with search only mode (if thats whats ur referring too)

or just normal bot search?

Did u check background mode?

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It is the fear that I have, 16h and has some fault type this .....

i dont touch computer for nothing, is more, i was not at home.

I have not used this bot too, one day at most and is the first time that has happened. background checked and working fine, i use dead base with too simple settings, donate archers, meet gold or elixir, meet trophy, meet one then attack, 150k(g) and 250k(e), 40 trophy, troops 20gigants and 100% arch, attack all sides and use all troops, thbully 100 with th8.... too easy

I do not know how to last, do not understand why gold gets 0 [2015-03-08 20:37:02 : 2> [G]: [E]: [D]: 0 [T]: 9 [TH]: 8, Out], I hope not to repeat or has any solution.

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Go to functions\search\ checknextbutton.au3

; If _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor(776, 516), Hex(0x000000, 6), 20) Then Return False ; Checks Pct Dot if TroopDrop
; If _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor(284, 28), Hex(0x41B1CD, 6), 20) Then Return False ; MainScreen for Sudden OoS
; If _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor(655,186), Hex(0xC09C38, 6), 20) Then Return False ; Checks Gold Ribbon for Return Home
If _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor(428,564), Hex(0x5EAC10, 6), 20) Then Return False ; Checks Return Home Button

The issue you guys have is the Sudden OoS. It's a quick out of sync error that just coincided when the bot is about to click.

Activate one of the above lines to suit your needs. We recently optimized the search and we thought that some of those disabled features may not be good for slow computers. In one of the coming updates, we may put this in the Gui (still brainstorming about it). Feel free to suggest! :)

And same reason for the zooming out detection while searching for bases.. In the village search:

if mod(($iSkipped+1),100) = 0 then
If _Sleep(1000) Then Return
If CheckZoomOut()=False Then ExitLoop(2)
; If ClickNext()=False Then ExitLoop(2)

You may change 100 to a lesser number (ex.20 = checks zoom every 20 searches)

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i experienced sometimes i was not able to attack a base due to 6hour overplaying limitation, for some unknown reason i was not disconnected and i cant attack any further. the bot keeps is stuck searching. so in order to function normally again i would need to restart the COC. after restarted i will see the "overplaying" notice. i faced this like 4 times already. maybe similar to you?

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