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Request cc in foreign language

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Request cc in foreign language

I want to implement modification for mybot to support cc requests in Russian (and may be other langs)
I've tried to use the same code as in Simbios mod to implement it:

					SetLog("Request in russian", $COLOR_BLUE)
					_WinAPI_SetKeyboardLayout(WinGetHandle(AutoItWinGetTitle()), 0x0419)
					ControlFocus($g_hAndroidWindow, "", "")
					AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 50)
					If _SendExEx($g_sRequestTroopsText) = 0 Then
						Setlog(" Request text entry failed, try again", $COLOR_ERROR)

But it does not work. There are no error in logs. It's just types nothing. 
If I run Simbios mod it can type Russian requests. But it doesn't work for mybot even on the same memu (with the same configs)
@cosote does mybot supports typing using win method or it supports only adb method now?
Am I missed something?..
Is there somebody who tried the same? If so, could you share your experience?

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35 minutes ago, 13Bjorn said:

Bot already supports cyrillic and other alphabets, look closer at "Donate Troops" tab.

I think you are talking about different thing... look at the "Request Troops" tab

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