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How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

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Instead of giving the files that work with the current update, I figured I would give a "How To" on fixing this yourself for whenever new updates come that affect the colors or placement of certain pixels.




1.) Screenshot a small part of the siege(WallW, BattleB, or Slammer) and make sure to not include the exclamation point.

With your emulator of choice open, mine is MEmu, search for an attack so that your attack bar is showing with your empty siege on it.

- Take a screenshot of the siege machine and crop the photo such that it captures a small part of the machine without the exclamation point.

- Game dimensions should be 860x732!


See my example here: 


WallW_100_93.png.71268cc1235be5ab5549f714107df4ca.png - Photo of top right corner of the WallW


2.) Save the screenshot as .bmp or .png and delete the old .xml file

- Under imgxml\AttackBar save the screenshot as the same name as the old .xml file that the siege correlates to.

- Current Naming Conventions... Wall Wrecker: WallW_, Battle Blimp: BattleB_, Stone Slammer: StoneS_

- Delete the old .xml file!


See example names here:


OLD: "WallW_100_93.xml" / NEW: "WallW_100_93.bmp"



NOTE: Basically take a photo of the part of the siege you want it to find. So it has to be a part that wont be changed when empty or not.


** Now the bot will drop the siege machine(WallW, BattleB, StoneS) whether it is empty or not. **


Trouble Shooting:


Siege Not Dropping: 

- It is possible that your siege may not be dropping because imgloc is not recognizing the image on screen with the current tolerance. Try changing the last number in the new file name up by a few numbers. If the original file name was WallW_100_89, then try changing the 89 to 90 for the name of your newly created .bmp or .png image. Continue going up by 1 until 99. If that does not work, post here and I will help you debug. DONT FORGET TO DELETE THE OLD .XML FILE.


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Added imgloc tolerance trouble shooting
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