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Hello All!

Hello, I am new to mybot, I was a user of a different bot that got shut down due to $upercell taking legal action against them a while back. I must say, this one is quite an upgrade, and there is no paywall for certain features, very nice. Will surely donate in the future if you guys can continue with the amazing service. :) May look into this autoit language as well, it does look interesting. Maybe one day I'll be of use in the future development of the bot. ;) 

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hello, welcome to this community! yeah the bot is fully free which is really nice, all thanks to the dev team. i suggest you do actually look into this autoit language but based on my experience the csv's are way more interesting than the bot itself, anyways it's based on personal preference. on the day you'be in the dev team, i'll be known as the first man that welcomed you to community :P.

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