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Amine Kun

[LVL11] Lavaloon Botting Clans 24/7

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     [LVL11] Lavaloon Botting Clan




Players must use some form of Lavaloon or Air strategy with loons for donation.



Donation Rules:

Donate Loons and Rage to all

Haste may be donated if only 1 clan castle slot is available. 


Requesting Rules:

Request as much as you want! 


Clan Rules:

1. Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat.

2. Must respect other members

3. Have fun!


How to Join Our Clan:


Please post in the thread with your player lvl and your league, or send me a message on discord (Amine Kun#2683). I will PM you how to join after you have posted. 

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