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[FIXED in 7.7.3]v7.7.2 Login failed

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1 hour ago, ETD80 said:

@cosote that file is no longer available on mega

why you need it ? it has been fixed in 7.7.3 ^^


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Still have the "Error authenticating Mybot.run", does anybody have a fix to this? This is getting irritating. I've been searching the forums for answers with no results. This has been a problem for so long, you would think they'd have it figured out by now.

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Hi there,


I'm working on that... since v7.7.6 it should be resolved. Now, the bot is communicating using https and verifies your account info, one time username and password to create a token and then using this token. In the past I've seen issues with Microsoft dot.net framework, but after I switched to use libcurl, these issues should be resolved.


Important: Internet proxy access is not support (as of now).

If you can access with IE or Firefox/Chrome the forum with your account on the same computer, bot should be able to authenticate as well.

If you still have issues we need to do a remote session, e.g. with AnyDesk or Zoom.


Cheers - cosote.


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