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Level 12 Clan - 24/7 Farming/No wars/ CG Yes

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On 3/19/2019 at 10:28 PM, Vossy1980 said:

th 12

botting mostly 24/7

Loons for donation



14 hours ago, edivad1999 said:

TH 11, botting from 6 to 12 hours every day, Laloonion as setup



12 hours ago, mjc33 said:

Interested. have 5 accts I'd like to bring along


10 hours ago, bullcry said:

TH 10




9 hours ago, Deathfridge said:





7 hours ago, syl said:



Hi ALL......sorry for delays in reply......all messages sent....thank you very much ....:)

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8 hours ago, drock1820 said:

3 Th12, 1 TH11 need room for all 4 of my accounts 


8 hours ago, badghost said:

Hi bro



queen 50

warden 14



6 hours ago, hamzaday said:

Th12 lavaloonion atack.



Hi all hope you are well, messages sent ref instructions. Bring as many accounts as you wish, all welcome. 


Thank you, have a nice weekend:)

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7 hours ago, Senator_Sheev said:

TH12 (Very Close to max) 60/60/30 || Lavaloonion || 24/7


I am interested in joining.


Thank You,


3 hours ago, stay or visit said:

I want to join in your clan, farming and donating only


Hi there, hope you are well etc....I’ve sent you a message with information etc....thank you very much:)

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