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[7.6.6] Stuck at Builder Base

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[7.6.6] Stuck at Builder Base



Last night, my bot was stuck on builder base for about 4 hours.

I had move to Normal Village manually in order for it to start. Did it first time it happened, around ~6:50.

I see now that it happened twice, the second time solved itself.


PC Config: i5-3210M, 8GB RAM

BOT Config: BlueStacks.3.50.52.Rooted, 160DPI, OpenGL, 2 CPU, 768 MB RAM


Attached LOG and screenshots found in Debug

checkMainScreen_RestartCoC09.01.2019 at 03.35.35 :



checkMainScreen_RestartCoC09.01.2019 at 07.08.08 :



Photo download: https://imgur.com/a/LVViEa0


checkMainScreen_RestartCoC09.01.2019 at 03.35.35.txt

checkMainScreen_RestartCoC09.01.2019 at 07.08.08.txt

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Please wait for the release of MyBot.run v7.7. This error should be fixed in this upcoming update. 

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