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Official MyBot 7.8.2 [r01] Light MOD++

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I'm using nox 6.5, it does not attack in builder base. It goes there, just does not attack, i have attack when loot available ticked, loot is available.


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Switch account is not working.
[07:18:08] Let's start with Account [3]
[07:18:08] Switching to Account [3]
[07:18:34] Switching account failed!
[07:18:35] Trying to locate Main Screen
[07:18:37] Waiting for Main Screen
[07:18:39] Main Screen located
[07:18:39] Waiting for Main Screen
[07:18:40] Switch Account enable for 6 accounts


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Released: MyBot 7.7.9 Light [r03]


QuickTrain ( With DEB )

DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines )

CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( Support Legend Leagle )

DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once )


BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base)



Switch Account (While Acc in Legends Leagle)


Temp Fix for QuickTrain and SwitchAccount [scID]





This is All We Need:peace:

:D Focus on a Stable Revision





DownLoad ( Revision 7.7.9 Light [r03] )

Official Edition Based

MyBot 7.7.x.r_xx ( Newest )




Enjoy it :thumbsup:





14 horas atrás, TFKNazGul disse:

@ChacalGyn Update your version for last code i have on my git!

Thanks :D:thumbsup:

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