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Official MyBot 7.7.7 [r10] Light MOD++

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6 hours ago, kikiboy34 said:

hello, nice work;


Auto-upgrade doesn't work ?

It’s fixed in official v7.7.4. Waiting for MOD to update to latest version

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Help me guys :(

Mybot cant find my Nox file. can you guys help me how to fix this problem


[12:41:14 AM] ====================== BOT LOG ======================
[12:41:16 AM] Launch faild:  devices
[12:41:16 AM] Serious error has occurred: Cannot find MEmu:
[12:41:16 AM] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microvirt\MEmu\MEmu.exe
[12:41:16 AM] Android support for MEmu is not available
[12:41:16 AM] Unable to open MEmu instance 'MEmu'
[12:41:16 AM] Please check emulator/installation
[12:41:16 AM] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter
[12:41:16 AM] Unable to continue........
[12:41:16 AM] Cannot start MEmu, please check log
[12:41:16 AM] ===================== Bot Stop ======================

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On 4/13/2019 at 9:16 PM, 1-Crispy said:

Does this work 100% with April update or will there be a new version in the near future?

I'm using 7.7.3 R03  with my settings from before the April update and the primary stuff works..raiding using a script and it's attacking in builder base. the only issue i had to fix was the clan castle location, but not required. The bot closes the window confirmation after a couple seconds (it uses the button in chat to request troops). set-up can take around 10 minutes. it's worth configuring if you like this bot because it can raid in the builder village.

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Hello, really looking forward to updating the modified bot, not updating after the update. sorry for the question when to wait for the update?

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