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Builder Base Remove Obstacles

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Builder Base Remove Obstacles

Hi There,

This is my first MOD. I am Fahid Mahmood from @Simbios MOD Team. I just joined @Simbios team two months ago(Thanks to @rulesss for invitation otherwise i would have been just a simple MyBot user). I was working most of the time with team on the fixes to make our MOD one of the best in the community so now got free and made this MOD.

Tired of clicking all over the base to remove obstacles of Builder Base?

Well, those days are behind you. I just created a mod which can do just the thing!

Most challenging part was to detect correct obstacles place as you guys knows Builder Base has night theme and it's out side village tress looks same.I hope it'll come in handy to the most of you out there.


This is created based on MyBot v7.6.3, but I hope it'll work for other versions and maybe even future versions!


P.S: This will be in @Simbios MOD v1.3 Release

I hope you guys will appreciate my work which will motivate to do more work may be Builder Base CSV attack? Who knows ;p



How it Works? It will Discard Mismatches of outside Builder base Village


Download link: https://gitlab.com/mmajid/Mybot_Mod/-/archive/master/Mybot_Mod-master.zip

GitLab link for code view: https://gitlab.com/mmajid/Mybot_Mod/commit/fa470e5cf841ae7b5411d53aea6b18825b819b22

All are welcome to Use this MOD don’t forget to give credit ;);

Edited by Fahid.Mahmood
Working video added
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