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[ LVL 20/19/18 FWA ] + [ LVL12/11 Farm - NO war ] + [ LVL12 ZeroWin FWA ] --- Farmers United! Loyal, respect & fun!

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Are you loyal, trustworthy, respectful, and fun? 

--> join "Farmers United!" 
We have 3 official FWA Clans ( clan level 20,19,18 )
English speaking / global audience
Joining from TH9+
Donation by keyword!
We also have 1 ZeroWin FWA clan ( clan level 12 )
No obligation for attack, just take stars but always lose war! ;-)
Donation by keyword!
We also have 1 CWL clan ( clan level 13 )
Donation by keyword!
We also have 2 only farm clans - no war  ( clan level 12,10 )
1x Donation by keyword, 1x auto donate archer!
Next to that we communicate through BAND
:beer: --> all clans connected! <-- :beer:
Applying goes through: @Houdini*, @Randall Forte22, @MikeD
When you apply, have your FWA base ready according:
Let's enjoy farming together!
----- When you reply to us, please mention TH-level and what kind of clan you would like to join! -----
PS: there is no room for drama in our chats / clans, only fun!!!
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I have 8 accounts, could I bring them all to the level 18 clan? Want them all together if possible.'


EDIT: only need to bring 5 now

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