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DEBUG - Switch account issue

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DEBUG - Switch account issue

here is the link to the debug file/folder





the issue:

- I'm switching with 2 accounts

- One point (around 3:30AM) according to the log, the bot failed to switch account.

- COC stuck on the new account stage

- bot did not push Shared_pref files to restart the bot/coc

- stuck on "unable to read error message" for hours. The message on the emulator was the TOS message. Click "ok" and the COC reload to the new account stage.

- already replaced the font with the push roboto.bat file


would like to know what's trigger the error to switch, reload COC and push the shared_pref files again


and what can I do to prevent this in the future



MEmu version 3.6.8

BOT 7.6

Win 7



thanks for all of your hard work for us

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If bot cannot read the message correctly , sounds like you did not apply the font properly. If you did, the bot would actually read village need break instead of unable to read.


Also, you have to make sure the PB option is enabled in bot settings.


But, I will check the log when I get back to my pc. You should use pastebin instead of mega. 









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Do u want me to upload the debug file to pastebin?


and PB is turned on...the default settings 18-16


and about the font replace...the message says that the mount is sucsesfull...

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