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Improve dead base attack efficiency

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Improve dead base attack efficiency

If you attack with 2 unit types, a tank and a damage dealer, something like barbarians and archers, or giants and wizards the options are:


Standard attack: you can spread the tank first and damage dealers behind. You don't have control how many units and where to delpoy them. There is an option to focus certain collectors but the unit deployment it's .. decent but not great :)

Scripted attack: you make your own CSV. But you can't control waypoints depending of the locations of the collectors.

And the new smart attack: It looks to me like a standard attack that uses external edges and spreads units evenly on the whole side. I love it how it can detect where the big bucks are, but doesn't leave room for much customization. If you attack with mass goblins you probably don't want to throw them in if the base has all the collectors deep inside.


But what i think would be really cool if there was a way to determine a plan for each outside collector. For example 1 giant 1 wizard for each collector that's at most 2 tiles from red line. Or somebody might want 1 giant 3 goblins and so on.

Not sure if it would be possible to add dynamic waypoints into a CSV, but there it would offer the most customization. Could even use dynamic waypoints to fine tune jump/quake locations which would be incredibly cool ^^


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