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Archer Queen Ability not activating with v7.6 update

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7 horas atrás, bound disse:


can you pls upload the fixed file?


thaanks :perfect:


You can have it here:





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On 8/9/2018 at 1:12 AM, MAJPA said:

Go to DropTroopFromINI.au3 




Change , save , recompile and test, i don't use scripted attacks 


Case $eWarden
	If $debug = True Then
		SetLog("dropHeroes(" & $pixel[0] & ", " & $pixel[1] & ", -1, -1," & $g_iWardenSlot & ") ")
		dropHeroes($pixel[0], $pixel[1], -1, -1, $troopPosition) ; was $g_iWardenSlot, Slot11+
Case $eCastle, $eWallW, $eBattleB
	If $debug = True Then
		SetLog("dropCC(" & $pixel[0] & ", " & $pixel[1] & ", " & $g_iClanCastleSlot & ")")
		dropCC($pixel[0], $pixel[1], $g_iClanCastleSlot)



7 hours ago, ChacalGyn said:

Thank you working great.

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