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Wall/Building Upgrading Priority Option

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22 hours ago, TripleM said:

It is not that easy, cause most of the time one resource is lacking, while the other will overflow without use. IMO it is better to set the savings that high, that walls are only build, when resources are full or almost full. But i will think about your idea.



What about the bot planning next building upgrades, and considering the estimated profit/hour the bot stops investing into walls when it calculates it needs to go into "saving mode".


Example: Next building planned costs 5 million gold, and the second one in line costs 3 million. First worker available is in 5 hours, second one 2 hours after. Storages are full. Average profit/hour 500k / 500k.


The bot will calculate it makes 2.5 million gold in the next 5 hours and could spend currently 7.5 million on walls, but for the second worker it needs another (3 mil needed - 1 mil potential stolen in the 2 hours) so another 2 million. Which means the bot can spend 5.5 mil gold and all elixir in walls and go into saving mode. In 5 hours if the estimation it's correct the bot will have around 7 million, spend 5 on the first building, and with the 2 mil remaining and 1 mil incoming, have 3 mil for second building. Quite complex but well i hate wasting resources and building time ^^


Note: loot/hour currently displayed in the bot's main page it's very different than real profit/hour since it doesn't include usual loses.

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I'm trying to see if i can make another work around for laboratory upgrades a factor because i have both gold and elixir going into the walls with my last builder on standby but i would like to have my troops upgrading while its on standby. I just need to make a kill switch option in the elixir side of the wall upgrades and laboratory should balance out the elixir side of upgrading. I'm doing this to learn my way around this language. 


Probably what i'm really aiming for is conditional wall upgrading such as if you have buildings you want upgraded but want to make wall progress with your last one and if you are are your last one but your lab is waiting on more elixir then continue upgrading with gold but pause on elixir upgrades until lab is upgrading a troop. just have to figure a way to make this work

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I posted what i would like to see in feature modifications, it is limiting however the specific idea is in full swing.

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Modified this file to be less hands on with the upgrading portion, it will wait until you have only one builder left to build walls, or if you have a lab troop you wish to upgrade, it will check to see if it is a dark elixir troop or if there is an upgrade already in progress. if you have an elixir troop that you need to upgrade and the lab is empty but you have one builder left, this file will not use elixir until the lab is running or you have a dark elixir troop selected in the lab upgrade screen. as for the gold, it will wait until the last builder before it will start upgrading again. if you have ignore gold or elixir upgrades in the auto upgrade section selected, it will upgrade with the ignored resource even if you have 2 or more builders available. the reason behind this, if you want to upgrade your barracks but you are making gold faster than you are making elixir, it will use that gold to upgrade walls instead. to use the modification, enable auto wall upgrade, try elixir first gold second, and save ONE builder(these are important). I'm still having issues with the manual buildings tab so do not use in conjunction with this modification.


I have been banned from discord because i had an issue with one of the black names in there assuming that i didn't already know that mybot does not support mods, and assumed my question was mod related. If you have any issues with or suggestions, do let me know and I will see if i can implement them. No i do not know how to manipulate the gui yet(mainly because i don't want to update the language packs). Hopefully one of these days i can get my original account unbanned.


here's what i want to see in the bot, with more unadulterated and unbias answers i need, i can work things out the way they need to be with the buildings tab but until then it will be at a standstill


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On 7/7/2018 at 3:19 AM, TripleM said:

It is not that easy, cause most of the time one resource is lacking, while the other will overflow without use. IMO it is better to set the savings that high, that walls are only build, when resources are full or almost full. But i will think about your idea.


On 7/7/2018 at 5:06 AM, TripleM said:

Maybe, but wall upgrade has different savings for a reason. Just try to set them so, that wall savings + wall price are around the earnings per fight lower than your max storage cap.

savings + wallprice = max storage - earnings per fight

I solved that solution with the modifications to the wall upgrade file. you can ignore upgrades and the wall upgrader will use the ignored resource to build walls and continue to build up on the lacking resource. I need help with the building option tab to find a solution to the matter, but the whole concept to this is being efficient with your resources. upgrading walls when your other builders are upgrading 4 other buildings, once one building upgrade is complete then it will switch focus on your next building upgrade(and if you have gold or elixir ignored, it will use that resource to upgrade walls.) the buildings tab will be the icing on the cake if i can manage to figure out how it works, can't find a dedicated forum for it so i have no clue on how it works. i have an idea of how it does but is not working for me. if you are saving for specific upgrades then that will be a factor to put into the arguments in case 2. I don't know how to gui but looking at the script, i see what's going on IF i know what it's supposed to be doing

squashed bugs



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